Tina Pustovrh Puc, born 22. 2. 1980 in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

My life revolves around life. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. For more than two decades, I have been collaborating and connecting with people in a different, deeper way. As an occasional mentor, a life and spiritual counselor, teacher and leader of meditative and other practices that raise awareness and sensuality. Above all, as an intuitive writer and creator of various creations that touch man differently. It’s a remarkable path for me. Far from expected. Far from planned. The youthful love of sports, which later transformed into a profession, opened the door for me to accept and understand my body, which in later years gently spilled over into accepting myself as a whole, and above all into perceiving myself as a boundless spiritual being, which is led by a special mission. I accepted this mission, embraced it, decided to nurture it and sail with him through unexplored waters. That’s how I work. Many times different. Often misunderstood. But often also very inspiring for all those who know how to hear, feel and understand me. To be understood in my eyes means to be accepted. Just the way you are. No mask. No game. Without the slightest feeling that you want to please and be liked. To be accepted means to be embraced by feelings that give you momentum and confirmation that you are doing well. To make changes. To leave an imprint. The imprint creates and remains traces that are an eternal part of change.